Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's in my freezer?

All week I've been waiting for my package to be delivered and it finally arrived Friday.

Hooray for Omaha Steaks!

This is my 2nd time ordering from Omaha Steaks.

I had been wanting to try them for FOREVER! So last September, I finally decided to give in. I ordered the steak pet treats (for Skipper), bacon wrapped filet of top sirloin, top sirloin, burgers, and stuffed baked potatoes.

I wasn't planning on ordering again because to me - beef is beef? It was good but so good I would pay $6-$8 for a 6oz. top sirloin...not so much. Skipper did love his pet treats but its also hard to justify $6 for 3oz of pet treats when he'll gladly eat a regular non-fancy dog treat for much cheaper. 

Downside to ordering from Omaha Steaks...uhh the daily or two or three times a day phone calls I received for about 45 days after I ordered from them. Luckily the calls have cut back to only once or twice a month :)

Well the meat must have been good and the calls must not have been that bad because I finally cracked again and ordered Round 2!

Luckily I'd been holding off until I found a good deal on them and free shipping. I refuse to pay $18 or more to ship steaks even if they are from Omaha :) 

This time the freezer is stocked with 10 burgers, 2 filet mignons, 2 top sirloins, chicken breasts, gourmet franks, and stuffed baked potatoes. 

Dinner updates to come! 


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