Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Blog Friends ~

First I want to welcome my newest blog friends that have joined us from Precious Cupcake's blog!

I hope you enjoy my blog just as much as I enjoy hers!

Since my blog is fairly new I keep debating what direction to go with it, so driving home from work today I decided to keep it about everything I love and share it with you.

My life's passions are my family, friendships, baking, cooking, sewing, crafting, shopping, bargain hunting, coupon clipping, dining out, blogging/web surfing, dieting/exercising (not really a passion, but you get the point), my dog, and anything else that I think will make me a better more well rounded person.

I'd like to consider all of you my new blog friends and share of all my thoughts and passions with you and hope you'll comment and participate along the way. Since not all friends share the same passions what I'm hoping to do is label each post with its specific content in the title so you can choose to skip it if it may not interest you.

Coming soon -
Etsy shop opening, my dieting ups/downs, latest sewing projects, a GIVEAWAY and more!!!

Cheers to all of the great posts to come!


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