Monday, May 24, 2010

Not a Pro...yet?

I decided to join the club and purchase a digital SLR camera!

Confession - I have no clue how to really use it but I feel super cool with it! I've managed to take pictures in its auto settings but am not really using it to its full potential. I sure feel like a professional photographer when I'm holding it though! 

I'll be enrolling in classes soon so I can understand photography better, until then I'm lucky enough to have a brother who has some basic knowledge I can bug him for.

Oh so for the big reveal...I purchased a...


Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i

For what its worth, I'm in love! 

18 megapixels, full 1080 HD movies, 3" LCD monitor, wireless memory card support and a whole bunch of other stuff I have no clue about!

Here are a few pictures I took at Disneyland with it...

By the way, if you are looking for some good beginner photography tips, I highly recommend the posts Kristen Duke has been sharing at The Idea Room!


TMB said...

Omg I would Love a camera like that!! but I would be just like you and have no idea how to use it hahaha! And great verse under you banner =D

Diane {} said...

Thanks for stopping by mom blog!
I got a Canon DSLR a few months ago and am loving learning how to use it :) Have fun with it.